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Men are From Mars Women Are from Venus

Rita and the Mars Venus Cake


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Based on the best-selling book by John Gray, Ph.D.
Stage Play (Music, Lyrics, & Sketches) by Rita Abrams

The book that sold more copies in the 90's than any other book except the Bible is now a musical. Its successful world premiere at Las Vegas' famed Flamingo Hotel led to a year-long run. This funny and touching production will resonate with anyone who has ever been -- or wants to be -- in love. Seeing it will remind you why USA Today has just ranked John Gray’s relationship book among the 25 most influential books of the 20th Century.

Story Line: A group of friends, who happen to be four couples, contrive to set up two appealing single friends of theirs. Witnessing all the antics and eccentricities of "interplanetary" love,  we end up wondering, along with the opening number, “how two aliens in love come out alive.”

Video Excerpts:

"One of a Million" (5.3MB)Quicktime
"You'll Know" (3MB)Quicktime
"How to Live in Love" (3.8MB)Quicktime


"A spectacular opening"
- The London Times

"...easily accessible, highly energetic, slightly spicy entertainment... Composer-lyricist Rita Abrams covers a lot of emotional ground in 90 minutes... Abrams' songs are playful and extremely easy on the ears. The singing, dancing, and acting are uniformly excellent, even by Chicago and New York standards...This show could launch a new trend in theatrical production and distribution"
- The Chicago Tribune

"Hardly solemn or preachy, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus manages to maintain an upbeat tone a well a a sense of humor, which is always necessary for the success of both musicals and relationships."
- Showbiz Weekly

  • "Stage Therapy" by Penny Lavin, Vegas.com
  • "Productions Show Differing Approaches to Musicals" by Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal, Neon

  • Featured On:
    ABC News
    What's On TV
    NPR Radio, "Wait, wait.-Don't tell me!"
    KS95 Radio, Minnesota
    KPRS Radio, St. Louis, Missouri
    KGO Radio, San Francisco
    KCBS Radio, San Francisco

Cast Size: * 10
( 5 women and 5 men comprising 5 couples ) *Show can be scaled down to 4 couples.


Assistant Conductor/Keyboards


* orchestra flexible. Show can also be accompanied by just a piano.

Stage Requirements:
Approximate Running Time:
1.5 hours, without intermission
1 Act: 13 Scenes, 20 songs.
Rating: PG 13
Script: 68 pages
Genre: Musical Comedy

Stage Play (Music, Lyrics, & Sketches) by Rita Abrams

John Gray had just finished writing his life-changing book when he and his wife, Bonnie, enrolled their daughter in first grade at the Children's Circle Center~where Rita Abrams was the music teacher, and her daughter was a fourth-grader. It didn't take long for Rita to discover, along with millions of others, that MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS was chock-full of insights and advice that could make relationships a whole lot easier. Not only that--but it was funny, too. So by the time one of the mothers at the school hinted to Rita that the book would make a good musical, Rita had already started the outline.

Having seen other shows of Rita's--e.g. FOR WHOM THE BRIDGE TOLLS, and NEW WRINKLES -- John Gray enthusiastically supported her idea every step of the way. And as his star soared higher, Rita chipped away at the project while teaching, writing greeting cards, and producing her other musicals. Finally the planets aligned, and the book that came out too late to save Rita's marriage, was just on schedule to make another dream come true--a Las Vegas production--which premiered the same month her daughter Mia went off to college.

Original Book by John Gray, Ph.D.

John Grary, Ph.D.

Dr. John Gray is the best-selling relationship author of all time. His ground-breaking book, MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS, outsold all books but the Bible in the last decade of the 20th century, selling over 30 million copies in over 40 languages throughout the world. As an internationally recognized expert in the fields of communication and relationships, and a marriage and family therapist, he has authored 15 books and received many awards.

A popular speaker nationally and internationally, Dr. Gray has regularly appeared on such shows as Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Live with Regis, Larry King Live, CNN and Company, and many others. He has been profiled in most of the major publications across the United States. His latest book is THE MARS & VENUS DIET AND EXERCISE SOLUTION (St. Martin's Press).


Songs ~ Music and Lyrics by Rita Abrams:
1. Overture
2. Celebrate the Wonder
3. Live in Love
4. Skeptical of Love
5. One in a Million
6. You'll Know
7. Waiting
8. If They Knew Then What We Know Now
9. Where is the Boy?/ Train's a Leavin'
10. Your Daughter is Not Like the Other Girls
11. Back in My Day
12. Suppress Yourself
13. Commitment
14. It Takes All Kinds
15. Contemporary Boy
16. A Man is Just a Simple Thing
17. A Woman is a Simple Thing
18. First Date
19. Dysfunctional
20. Honeymoon's Over
21. You are from Mars


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