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Rita Abrams Home

Illustration: Ellen Blonder


As a professional greeting card writer, Rita has written hundreds of cards for companies including Recycled Paper Products, Marcel Schurman, Portal Publications, Paramount, Northern Exposure, and Landmark. A winner of two Louie Awards (the "Oscar" of the greeting card industry), she specializes in humor, but occasionally lapses into verse:

"The smile sparkles, the eye twinkles, there's so much love, but so few wrinkles."

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Rita Abrams Home

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Rita Abrams Home

Unfortunately, this card of Rita's is true. Fortunately, it's been a big seller. Greeting cards normally have a quick turnover rate, but some of her cards -- like this one for Marcel Schurman Publishing -- have come back year after year.

The artist is Peter Babakitis, who also produced the video Classic Stories for Children, which won Rita her second Emmy.

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There are more cards than can be shown, but here is a small slide show sampler.

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Illustrations by Ellen Blonder and Peter Babakitis
Text by Rita Abrams


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