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Producing & Licensing:


  • All royalty and licensing agreements should be arranged at least 12 weeks before the opening performance date.
  • All materials which are part of the licensing package should be returned no later than 2 weeks after the close of the show.
  • These dates will be part of the final licensing contract. Penalties will apply for items which are not returned on time.

Previewing Material:

  • Customers may view a score before purchasing scripts for the entire cast.
  • A musical score (piano) is available if you purchase a single reading script. A prepaid $100.00 music deposit is required.
  • Check, money order, Visa or Master Card can be accepted as a deposit.
  • Scores will be shipped with delivery confirmation, and may be previewed free of charge for 10 days. They are due back no later than 15 days after proof of delivery.
  • Scores not returned by 16 days after delivery will be subject to late fees of not less than $50.00.
  • If scores are lost or otherwise not returned, the customer agrees to forfeit the $100 deposit. Please return preview / leased material via insured mail (UPS and Fed Ex track their shipments, which gives you some way to verify delivery). You are responsible for any scores that are lost, damaged or not returned.
  • A licence includes cast scripts for the estimated minimum cast. Depending on the size of the production, additional cast scripts may be available at (minimal) additional cost.

Invoices are issued to the producing organization. Contact Rita for purchase options. Submit your basic performance information to apply for a royalty quotation. This is not a commitment to purchase, but the first step in obtaining rights to produce the play.

We will respond to your request within 10 business days with requests for further clarification, and/ or a quote for a production license.

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