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Message on our YouTube “Mill Valley” film site

Monday, January 28th, 2008

From: mlehmann2008 [videos (0) | favorites (1) | friends (0)]

Sent: January 28, 2008
Subject: Re: your videos

Miss A, I’ve gotta say, seeing your videos has caused a “Miss Abrams” revival amongst my musical friends. Everytime I play the videos or the songs from the LP, they say “OH my God, I remember this song!” One friend of mine got a bit misty eyed during “Mill Valley” and then she really lost it during “I Never Asked”, which we both love. Seems I’ve started a bit of a “Miss Abrams and the Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class” revolution here in Buffalo, and it looks like it’s gonna get us through this entire winter. That’s very cool! Thanks once again and here’s to a fantastic 2008!

Lovin’ ya here in sunny Buffalo,
Michael Lehmann

Laughingstock Records says about “Mill Valley”

Friday, January 25th, 2008

“The greatest feel-good song ever written. The recording is just as magical and powerful now, as it ever was. Not at the top of your game? Listen to “Mill Valley” a couple of times!”

(OK I admit it–this quote, on my YouTube “Mill Valley site, is from my collaborator, Dr. Elmo–but all the others are from people I never met–Rita)

YouTube fan on the “Mill Valley” song video

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I love this video!! I grew up here .I sang this song and now my kids go to Strawberry Point and sing this song. I love our wonderful town. Thanks for the memories!!!

New Year’s letter

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Here’s hoping for a greater, greener ’08. It’s been suggested I pass on a tradition I started years ago, of writing a letter to myself on New Year’s, sealing it, and opening it on the following New Year. In it I express whatever is going on in my life, my hopes and goals for the next year, etc. It’s always very exciting to open and read last year’s letter, see what has and hasn’t happened, compare my life now with my life then. I hope you try it. I liked it so much I started doing it for each birthday as well. Since my birthday and New Year’s are half a year apart, I only have to wait half as long to indulge in my little ritual.
Hey–if you have any such New Year’s routine, please pass it on.
Happy New Year! – Rita