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Rita’s DELI SONG hits NYC

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Subject: Re: 1st New York Review! Meet the Band – Pearl’s May 29 show!
from Lua Hadar–a great singer!

Rita, and let me also tell you that Linda Kosut, Barry Lloyd and I sang your NOT ONE DECENT DELI song at Birdland, in the theatre distict, on Cinco de Mayo, at a recurring weekly event called Cast Party, hosted by Jim Caruso, to an extremely saavy audience comprised of performers and afficionados, a full house. THE AUDIENCE LOVED IT AND GOT EVERY JOKE!
We were so gratified, of course we announced your name and the name of the show, and Jim later mentioned it in his newsletter.
Come see me at Jazz at Pearl’s, SF, on May 29th –Lua