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Just My TYPE, Musical, now playing at Ross Valley Players!

Friday, April 20th, 2018

Reviews are good, and audiences are happy!  Call 415-456-9555 for tickets.

Marin IJ, Pacific Sun, Marinscope & For All Events 4-19 & 4-20, 2018

The range of Abrams’s music is astounding: from pop and country to blues and lullaby, from novelty and rockabilly to soft shoe. Not to mention one tune that undulates from waltz ballad to fast march tempo.
Her 19 songs (and one ever-popular tune, “Deli-lemma,” which became the showstopper) show her dexterity with wordplay.

Thanks to collaboration with Marin’s musical comedy maven Rita Abrams, who contributed 20 songs, the production is well beyond workshop level, backed by a strong five-piece band with Abrams on piano.

The star of this production is Abrams’ music — witty and acerbic as always.

Abrams doesn’t simply write parodies of well-known tunes — leave that to Weird Al — but instead writes parodies of entire genres. “Carpenter Man” and “Way More Woman” could be Nashville hits

Two high points in “Just My Type” are “Deli-lemma,” sung by the fictional Arlene and Sheldon, and “Walk Away,” a heartrending breakup song that could be a major hit if done by a more professional singer.

It has every indication of big launch potential — a long off-Broadway run seems a reasonable prediction, especially in the hands of a well-funded production company. For the next two weeks, Marin theatergoers have an unusual opportunity to see an extremely clever show in a late stage of development. It could be the next big thing.

Just My Type’s overall message, encapsulated in Abrams’ haunting song, “Keep Your Heart Open,” remains as relevant as ever.