Fogheads are everywhere!

(from Rita): Since KFOG Radio played the Mill Valley song at Village Music last week, I have been amazed at how many listeners have contacted both KFOG and me. Here’s another nice note from the KFOG Blog:

“Wow, Monday morning’s show was a trip back in time for me. I tuned in just in time to hear Dave playing the record “Mill Valley”, and then caught when Rita Abrams called in.

I was in grade school in Mill Valley in the early ’70s, and we sang that song. I didn’t remember the verses, but I definitely remembered “talkin’ ’bout Mill Valley California, that’s my home”.
Many times while driving to Marin, that line will pop in my head. I had no idea that it was ever a hit. I guess as a kid it seemed like anyone would have a song about their town. It blows me away to think that Dave heard it in Michigan, and that he has a 45
of it!
I think we would sing some other songs by Rita Abrams. She may have come to our music class to teach it to us, I don’t remember. But I have always remembered her name, and that song. I’ll have to get her book about it when it comes out. I’m sorry I missed the explanation of why you were playing that song Monday morning, but thanks so much for making a neat connection back to my childhood. Even better than a great 10 at 10!
David Baird
(Bay Area brat most of my life, from Marin to San Francisco,
now in San Jose)”