1906: A Mythical Journey
performed by Velocity Circus

Partners Gregangelo Herrera and Jeffrey Ferns of VELOCITY CIRCUS were in the appreciative audience of a Diva Variety Show, when Bettina Devin (Bettina Devin.com) sang her outrageous number as "The Golden Gate Bridge." Afterward the two introduced themselves to her, saying

"We have to meet the person who wrote that song!"

Thus began a fabulous friendship and creative collaboration among all of them. In addition to the 1906 show, VELOCITY CIRCUS has featured Rita's songs in a variety of spectacular shows, for audiences ranging from the San Francisco Mayor's Office, to Google, to Jaguar, to Warner Bros. They also run an organization to benefit disadvantaged children, called CUE (Children United by Experience)

"When You Come to San Francisco " (7 MB)Quicktime

The most fun for Rita is seeing her songs performed in VELOCITY'S amazing settings and costume, such as the one being worn in this photo of Rita's favorite new VELOCITY CIRCUS performer: Her daughter~Mia Rose Antonelli.

(on the left)

Songs* by Rita Abrams
Others by Gregangelo and Frank Martin

1. Indigenous San Francisco 3:04
2. 1906 Great Earthquake 1:53
3. When You Come to San Francisco* 5:54
4. The Golden Gate Bridge* 4:26
5. Bridge Bay RAPscallion * 3:04
6. DELI-cate Topic* 4:42
7. Girlie Groove 1:46
8. Dining Out in North Beach 1:53
9. San Frant Asia 4:08
10. Mission Mix 5:44
11. When You Come to San Franciso Remix* 5:54
12. Spanish Expedition :37
13. Mexican Settlement :50
14. Gold Rush :55
15. Russian Hunter :40
16. Shang Hai'd :54
17. Barbary Coast Exotic :55
18. Disgraziata :09
19. Melting Pot 2:11
20. Shake, Rattle and Run :38



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