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Rita's sheet music and songbooks have a variety of publishers, covering diverse categories and arrangements, both choral and instrumental.




Greeting Cards by Rita

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"After spending 4 hours trying to channel Jane Austen into song, coming up with a caption for a cat with a snorkeling fish is a welcome diversion. These days all my greeting card writing is done to photos already shot. No more brainstorming with exuberant artists. It's a lot more efficient, and a lot less lively."


Rita Abrams Home
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At YOUR age you're having a WHAT?!
The Advantages of Mature Maternity

By Rita Abrams
Illustrated by Ellen Blonder

"I was nursing my baby daughter when the image of her as a toddler pushing me as a geezer in a baby carriage came to mind ~ and the idea of a book about being an older first-time mother was born. A friend recommended "world-class artist" Ellen Blonder for the drawings, but when I called her, before knowing what my book was about, she said she was too busy to do any projects--she had just had a baby! But two days later, to my delight, Ellen's first drawing came in the mail!"


Chip & Friends
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Chip & Friends

Rita was nominated for an Emmy for musical direction of the Chip & Friends videos. These materials were developed to provide related supplemental activities in language, music, art, and math. The concepts and information presented within the lesson plans and the video vignettes were intended to be integrated with other school curricula and activities.


What Every Child Needs
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What Every Child Needs

When Portal Publications commissioned Rita to write this poster, she discovered that her own experiences as a teacher and a mother were better guides than all the parenting books she had read.




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