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Getting Along

Getting Along

When Dr. Parker Page founded CTREC (Children's Television and Resource Education Center), TV was much tamer than it now. Yet his research was already proving TV's damaging effects on the lives of children.

He commissioned professional storyteller Kendall Haven, and composer Rita Abrams to create GETTING ALONG~an entertaining collection of stories and songs sung by children, both in English and Spanish, to impart healthier values than kids were getting from TV.

With a team of psychologists and educators, Page created an accompanying activity book to help teachers integrate GETTING ALONG with their curricula. The results have been so powerful that GETTING ALONG has been used for years in classrooms, and found in libraries all over America.

This fully illustrated book with 60-minute CD is designed to help kids ages 4-10 work and play together. Rita Abrams' 12 story-songs about important topics~like bullying, fighting, and ridiculing~complement storyteller Kendall Haven's riveting tales that entertain kids while helping them handle tough situations. On a personal note, when Rita was teaching music, she found that even kids older than the target age clamored to hear the recordings again and again.

GETTING ALONG is carried in libraries throughout the U.S. To find one that carries it, click on this link:





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