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New Wrinkles

New Wrinkles - the coming of middle age Musical Revue
Music and Lyrics by Rita Abrams and Morris Bobrow
Sketches by Gerald Nachman

The pains, perils, and poignancies of aging are served up in hilarious and heartfelt style in this clever, crowd-pleasing musical revue. Who knew angst could be so entertaining?

Video Excerpts:

"Woman in Her Prime" (5.5 MB)Quicktime

To date, New Wrinkles has received raves in over 21 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Costa Rica. Its flexible cast size and minimal stage requirements make it the perfect show for small or mid-sized audiences of folks whose hair is either going gray, or just going.

"Bright and breezy, clever without being precious ...not a skit or song overstays its welcome, which is a rare and beautiful thing in the world of musical revues."
-The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"New Wrinkles has raised more than $70,000 for our charities"
- Pembroke, Ontario

"A high point in the second act is “Woman in Her Prime,” a deliciously overwrought feminine anthem. "
- Bary Willis, Marin IJ.

“Abrams has never stopped writing clever songs with witty lyrics…she sets her acerbic wit to the foibles and fun of growing old…”
- Cari Lynn Pace, Marinscope Newspapers

Cast Size: 3 women and 3 men, or 2 women and 2 men
Accompaniment: 1 piano or a small combo
Stage Requirements: Very flexible
Approximate Running Time: almost 1.5 hours, without intermission
Rating: PG 13
Script: 65 pages
Genre: Musical Comedy Revue



Rita Abrams, Morris Bobrow, Gerald NachmanRITA ABRAMS
Music & Lyrics for half of the songs

Rita is happy to be sharing one of her three Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Awards* with two very funny men -- Morris Bobrow and Gerald Nachman. All agree that the main challenge of writing this at times uncomfortably autobiographical show was narrowing down the excess of material. Rita is currently working on a new show of her own, which she thinks has nothing to do with aging -- but she can't remember.

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Music & Lyrics for half of the songs

Morris Bobrow has written the music, lyrics and sketches for numerous original musical comedies and revues. Among the San Francisco shows that he has written and directed are : Shopping ~ The Musical - Shelton Theater (still running); Are We Almost There?; Take Two; Party of One, which has also run in New York, Boston, and other cities; With Relish; And What, Give Up Show Biz? and Quirks, written with Gerald Nachman. Morrie is the winner of four San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Awards, two Drama-Logue Critics Awards, and New York's Backstage Bistro Award for outstanding music and lyrics. He also writes customized entertainment for corporations and special events, and performs his one-man show, Basically Bobrow, at venues throughout the Bay Area. http://www.bobrowproductions.com/


Gerald Nachman has been a theatre and film critic, columnist, and feature writer for some of the country's major newspapers, including the New York Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, and Oakland Tribune. He is a regular contributor to publications like Esquire, GQ, TV Guide, Newsweek, the Sunday New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times. Nachman won ASCAP’s 1989 Deems Taylor Award for his series of columns on Broadway lyricists, as well as a New York Newspaper Guild Page One Award for humor writing. Besides New Wrinkles, Gerald has written the sketches for Quirks with Morris Bobrow, and Aftershocks with Rita Abrams. He garnered rave reviews in the New Yorker, Playboy, and the New York Times Book Review for his most recent books: Seriously Funny: The Rebel Comedians of the 1950s and 1960s; and Raised on Radio -- both published by Pantheon. Gerald is currently writing both his memoirs, and a book on the Ed Sullivan Show, for the University of California at Berkeley.

NEW WRINKLES Song and Sketch Titles:

We're Flyin' High Abrams
Reunion Nachman
Hair Bobrow
AARP Bobrow, Nachman
Brain Drain Nachman
Ma’am Abrams
Wedding Bobrow
New Wrinkles Bobrow
Pain of Love Nachman
Not Like It Used To Be Bobrow
Red Flags Abrams
Commercial Nachman
Doctor’s Orders Bobrow
Sandwich Generation Nachman
HMO Bobrow
Will We Have Enough? Bobrow
Woman in Her Prime Abrams
Doctor, Doctor, Do Me Abrams
Empty Nest Nachman
Where Are They Now? Abrams
Menopause Abrams
In My Day Abrams
Obits/You've Still Got Time Bobrow, Nachman


Keywords: Baby boomers, aging, mid-life crisis, satire

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